Graffiti on oil tank: "Live life."
Graffiti in my New England hometown. Photo credit: Nicole St. James

I write about diverse characters, with a literary vein running through my contemporary fiction.

I’ve created this to share the “bits of string” writers are known for gathering: the dangling ends of intriguing plot webs, a desperate character’s unraveling threads…


March 2023: Twinkies, Volvos Salt-n-Pepa, and of course pie… My short story “Pie a la Mode” was published by Funny Pearls on their website. A story with generous helpings of humour and heart, it even won a prize! Don’t miss out, read it here.

September 2022: My surreal tale “The Flat Earth Society” was published in Stroud Short Stories Anthology, Volume Three. A seamstress, a sailing crew, a soldier and an heiress welcome you to the world’s edge. Reviewed as an “homage to the power of imagination,” you can see the video here and purchase it with other wondrous stories.

June 2022: What about the growing number of young Americans who have survived not just one, but two school shootings? I imagined how this might feel, and the resulting story “The Albatross of Albany High School” appeared in The Phare.

Work-in-Progress: What am I rattling away on at the moment? Soooo glad you asked. The Gospel of Eve is Eve’s side of the story, after rather a long wait. What happened after leaving Eden, how did it feel to raise generations that would never know paradise on earth, and why did she take that fruit in the first place? Already described as “Astonishing! Unique… It’s lush but angry too. A heady combination.” See blog posts on my creation process here and here (and just keep on reading).