Graffiti on oil tank: "Live life."
Graffiti in my New England hometown. Photo credit: Nicole St. James

I write about diverse characters, with a literary vein running through my contemporary fiction.

I’ve created this to share the ‘bits of string’ writers are known for gathering: the dangling ends of intriguing plot webs, a desperate character’s unraveling threads…


As one of the founder members of the Women Writers Network, I took part in a poetry workshop to develop my skills at creating imagery. Check out their webpage for brilliant exercises from the course, and upcoming workshops and events.

Ledbury Poetry Festival: After my one-act play was performed in Ledbury last September, I’m eager to return to the town to take in other people’s work, particularly an event on sign language poetry.

My short story ‘A History of Mattresses’ appears in Scribble magazine’s summer issue. The story was inspired by veterans I helped care for in my nursing home job, so I’m especially pleased that those experiences gained some attention.