Graffiti on oil tank: "Live life."
Graffiti in my New England hometown. Photo credit: Nicole St. James

I write about diverse characters, with a literary vein running through my contemporary fiction.

I’ve created this to share the “bits of string” writers are known for gathering: the dangling ends of intriguing plot webs, a desperate character’s unraveling threads…


April 2018: I’m on a panel of short story readers at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival. Come see what we can pack into a story of three or four minutes each, and stay for the marvelous day of talks and readings.

January 2018: “The Maze” got another outing when I read at the Bristol Novel Nights discussion on successful short story writing. Excellent tips from main speaker Tom Vowler and a lovely little write-up of our other stories on the Novel Nights blog here. Don’t miss the upcoming events!

My quirky love story “From Newcastle, With Love” was chosen to feature in the Stroud Short Stories November event as part of the Stroud Book Festival. I had to back out due to golf balls armed with machetes marauding through my throat, but watch for a fun reading at the SSS spring event!

I won the Gloucestershire Writers Network Prose Prize with my short story “The Maze.” I got to read it as part of a great local selection for the Cheltenham Literature Festival on a wonderful October evening.