Graffiti on oil tank: "Live life."
Graffiti in my New England hometown. Photo credit: Nicole St. James

I write about diverse characters, with a literary vein running through my contemporary fiction.

I’ve created this to share the “bits of string” writers are known for gathering: the dangling ends of intriguing plot webs, a desperate character’s unraveling threads…


Book release alert! Stroud Short Stories launches an epic volume on the 28th September, and among its 57 tales are my “The Apocalypse Alphabet” and “From Newcastle, With Love.” Only £10, message me or visit their site to book a copy because it’s going to be fabulous.

September 2018: I made the To Hull and Back longlist! This is a prestigious competition for humorous short stories, and although “To Newcastle, With Love” didn’t take the prize motorcycle ride, I’m tickled by a mention from these guys.

September 2018: I tried something new: a ghost story. And it was shortlisted for the National Association of Writers Groups‘ ghost story prize! I attended their gala dinner and bestselling author Milly Johnson presented my award certificate for “Death’s Doorstep.”

August 2018: A good result for my current project: The first page of my novel The Gospel of Eve made the Words with JAM longlist. Considering I was only five chapters in at the time, this was a thrilling boost.

Work-in-Progress: What am I rattling away on at the moment? Soooo glad you asked. The Gospel of Eve is Eve’s side of the story, after rather a long wait. What happened after leaving Eden, how did it feel to raise generations that would never know paradise on earth, and why did she take that fruit in the first place? Already described as “Astonishing! Unique… It’s lush but angry too. A heady combination.” See blog posts on my creation process here and here (and just keep on reading).